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Outdoor Education Field Trips for Students in Grades 4-12

The Outdoor School is an outdoor education program designed to supplement the curriculum taught in the classroom. Serving students in grades 4-12, The Outdoor School offers a host of different courses, both academic and adventure based, that will allow you to customize a field trip that will meet the needs of your students. All courses are TEKS correlated and uniquely designed to foster students’ appreciation and use of the natural components of our property.

Along with the academic components of our classes, students also get to experience the recreational and social elements of having the program at a summer camp. For some of the students we serve, being able to pick out their bunk, seeing the stars at night, or even roasting a marshmallow over a campfire might be a first time experience.

With two convenient locations, we invite you to learn more about our educational field trips that are actually fun for students

The Outdoor School is just what its name implies: A school in and about the great outdoors.

A place where kids can see, hear, touch, smell, even taste nature. A place where they can learn about themselves, their natural environment and their peers while participating in fun and educational outdoor activities. There’s something for every age and every interest that will help your students grow by facing challenges, overcoming their fears and doing things they never imagined they would!

The Outdoor School operates Monday through Friday during both the fall and spring school semesters. For more information regarding pricing and availability, please click here.

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