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Session Descriptions

The Outdoor School Leadership Program customizes your trip based on your groups’ specific needs.  Below is a list of sessions your group can select to be a part of your trip.  Final selection of sessions will be conducted in coordination with your group and our staff.

List of Courses

Adventure Activities

Teambuilding Progression (Full and Half Session options)

teambuilding whale watch exceriseThe core of what we do is teambuilding.  It is the foundation of everything that students experience while they are here.  In our teambuilding progression, students will be led through a series of challenging activities based on the goals set by the teachers.   We work with every school to customize the teambuilding activities so no two trips are alike.  The key to success is that students must work together to solve problems, learn to effectively communicate, and trust each other.  

Climbing Wall and Zip-line ( Half Session)

“It is not in the achievement of getting to the top that matters, but the conquering of fears and beginning the climb that does. ” — Unknown

Although individually challenging, the Climbing Wall is an excellent extension of teambuilding. Each participant is responsible for setting his or her own goals, but it often takes the entire team to show support and encourage one another to meet his or her goals. We have two basic philosophies at The Outdoor School: 1) “Challenge by Choice” is the philosophy that each person sets his or her own goals Each student sets their goal and lets their teammates know the best way to support them in reaching it.  2) “Universal Respect” is our version of the golden rule. We expect all students, staff, and facilitators to respect everyone and everything they encounter at TOS.

High Ropes Course (Half Session)

“Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting.”  -Karl Wallenda.

Step out and take a walk on our awesome high ropes course.  In the Leadership Program, participants will have the opportunity to set their goals and continue challenging themselves in our five element high ropes course.

If choosing the full session, our Power Pole high ropes element is included.  In the Power Pole, participants must climb a single pole and stand atop of it.  From there the participants must jump and grab the trapeze out in front of them.  This is a great challenge for overcoming fears and testing the boundaries of what a person can accomplish.

Pirate Ship Ropes Course (Half Session)

Walk the gangplank and experience the thrill of one of our newest adventure courses, The Pirate Ship. With 4 different levels and over twenty elements, this high ropes course towers the banks of Lake LBJ providing participants breathtaking views of our beautiful camp.  This ropes course allows many participants to be in the air at one time and experience multiple elements on the continuous course.

Screamin' Eagle (Half Session)

The Screamin’ Eagle is also known as a Screamer, or Giant Swing. The participant is attached to a cable and the other teammates use this cable to pull the participant up to the height of their choice. Once the swinging participant is ready to fly the participant releases their tether and swings. This element is a lot of fun and gets the whole team involved in the experience. This activity is group-size restrictive and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Texas Two Step (Full Session)

The Texas Two Step is our newest and most challenging high ropes course and is strictly for our Leadership Program.  A team heavy high ropes course, participants must work together in order to be successful.

Survival Skills (Full Session)

Following the “Leave No Trace” philosophy, the focus can be placed on survival situations, basic compass work, shelter building, wilderness first aid, fire starting, water finding, and edible plants. Survival scenarios given to the participants can help them decide what they should do in certain situations. Group problem-solving tasks issued to the participants with limited supplies helps participants work on group communication skills and develop leaders as well as followers (campfires are prohibited if the burn ban is on).

Orienteering (Full Session)

This course is for participants ready to find themselves in the great outdoors.  Orienteering involves accomplishing two different compass courses after receiving compass training.  Next, the participants will learn how to create their own bearings using a topographical map and experience our wilderness orienteering course. This course covers approximately 50 wooded acres and the participants will explore it in teams. Long pants and sturdy shoes required.

War Canoes (Half Session)










Looking for that teambuilding activity that will make a splash?  Then jump into our War Canoes for a trek on Lake LBJ that your participants will never forget.  Each canoe seats 12 and participants must work together in order to successfully maneuver the craft. Weather and ability allowing, we like to take the students on a short trip down river. The canoes must be carried a short distance to the lake – they are heavy and the participants must be physically strong enough to carry them.   Please consider the physical capabilities of your participants before choosing this activity.

The Code Breaker (Half Session)

This unique activity takes the fun and challenge of an escape room and inverts it. Participants will have to work together to complete a variety of unique challenges that weave in the trip goals to unlock the safes and solve the puzzle                                             

Recreational Activities

Swimming (Half Session)

Enjoy Swimming in our two awesome swimming pools, the junior Olympic-sized pool, and the Spin Cycle.  The main pool features two large waterslides, cascading waterfalls, a tanning ledge, and water fountains.  The Spin Cycle features a circular lazy river with waterfalls and water fountains surrounded by tropical plants.

Lake Swim (Half Session)

Glob at Swim Bay

No Leadership trip is complete with swimming in beautiful Lake LBJ. With a large enclosed swim bay, two-story rope swings, a gigantic inflatable water trampoline, and a huge water slide.

Kayaking (Half Session)

We are fortunate to be situated on Lake LBJ so that we can give participants the opportunity to learn the basics of kayaking. This class covers basic strokes, entering and exiting the boat, as well as some river dynamics. Weather and ability allowing, we like to take the participants on a short kayaking trip along the edge of the lake or to a canal across the lake.

Archery (Half Session)

Archery is a group favorite and always a great opportunity to hone their patience, nerves, and ability to focus on the act of shooting a bow.  Participants will learn the history of the bow and arrow and how it has evolved across the centuries.

Evening Activities

Camp out (Length of Camp out variable)


No experience is quite like the one of spending the night under the stars. Participants will hike out to their campsite in our backcountry, led by an instructor who will share knowledge about edible plants and native animals and lead experiential games designed to teach more about the natural world. Participants will cook their dinner over a fire, enjoy a campfire and s’mores, and watch the stars. This activity is meant to provide a unique overnight experience that promotes confidence, teamwork, and natural awareness in a wilderness setting. We have three campout sites, so we can take three teams of fifteen in a night. You will need to consider how many students you have and how many nights you are staying to determine if this activity is feasible for the size of your group (campfires are prohibited if the burn ban is on).

Campfire Connections

Campfire Connection brings the students together in their teams to process how far each team has done, and extend to their life outside of camp. Of course no campfire connection in complete without a tasty s’more.


This evening activity focuses on the night sky. Participants will be taken on a “constellation tour” exploring the different constellations visible during that time of year. Instructors are familiar with interesting facts and/or different legends and myths revolving around these constellations and share them with the students. Participants will also have the opportunity to look through our telescope and view heavenly bodies more clearly – our favorites include Jupiter, Saturn, and the Orion Nebula, depending on the time of year. If the moon is full and thus “hiding” other objects with its light, more time will be spent on moon studies.


Need a fun way to work together and compete at the same time?  Then choose sports as your evening activity.  We offer kickball, disc golf, basketball, tennis, pickleball, GaGa, volleyball and soccer/football.  We have lights on our basketball, pickleball, and multi-use sports field so no need to worry about playing into the evening.  We provide all the basic equipment and you provide the participants.

Movie Night

This is a great option if you would like a quieter, less active night. We have both indoor and outdoor facilities for watching a movie on a big screen, so we can watch no matter what the weather. We ask that you provide your own movie DVD so that you can ensure that the content is appropriate for your students. We have one set of projection equipment, so this option is on a first-come, first served basis.


Enchanted Rock Overnight Trip

Substitute 2nd Day (on Two Night trip): Additional cost per student plus E-Rock reservation fees.

    •  Unique teambuilding program built around group goals and going through the Enchanted Rock Cave. 
    • Optional overnight stay at E-Rock in tents (provided by school) in designated camping areas.
    • School pays E-Rock reservation fees